Human-Robot Collaboration

In the past, Industrial robots typically operated in caged spaces separate from humans to ensure safety

Technological advances enabled the development of smaller robots with better, cheaper sensors and better safety measures

Collaborative robots (co-bots): a class of robots designed to interact in proximity (or direct contact) with humans

  • Automating specific subtasks of complex processes
  • High precision and repeatability
  • Smaller payloads
  • Higher safety

Project Goals

  • Investigate ways to create an environment where humans and robots can seamlessly and safely collaborate on complex tasks in special conditions such as limited visibility, divided attention, and remote collaboration
  • Explore different tools for robot-to-human intent communication and signaling
  • Streamline the underlying logical definition of robots to enable on-the-fly reconfiguration

Project Team

  • Khaled Kassem (Pre-doc researcher)
  • Christina Tüchler (BSc. Student)
  • Leonhard Zehetgruber (BSc. Student)
  • Galya Pavlova (MSc. Student)
  • Florian Michahelles (Supervisor)

Previous Members

  • Tobias Ungerböck
  • Núria Amenábar Fàbregas