About us

About us

We at Multidisciplinary Design & User Research seek to merge sociological research with a practical contribution to the design of information system. At the heart of this work is a methodological commitment to participation and use as well as to understanding the implications of IT systems on work, organization, communication, and social change.

Research areas are (digital) design, media theory, CSCW (Computer-supported cooperative work), qualitative methods, as well as gender studies and ethics. Research and teaching are informed by an integrated, multi-disciplinary approach.

Research in the area of design focuses on interaction design (innovative, multimodal interfaces), design research, design methods, digital games, media art, and information visualization. Research in the area of cooperative work integrates ethnographic studies with concept development and the design of applications. Our Group performs research in areas as diverse as health care, architecture and urban planning, e-learning, innovative organizations and communities, as well as everyday life. Gender forms a special point of attention in many of these projects and are also of practical concern, for example for conceptualizing and evaluating mentoring programs. Another focus is on developing and teaching methods for research, design, and teaching, with the aim of merging ethnographic and other qualitative methods with participative and creative-experimental design methods.


Design work proceeds through inquiring materials, carrying out a conversation with them.
The qualities of inquiry and reflection as a process determine the qualities [more on designs]

Design Thinking

For a decade we developed and applied an iterative approach to enable design thinking among designers, students, and companies. [more on design thinking]

Health Care

Today computers are widely used in hospitals and other health care institutions for a variety of purposes: They are part of many medical devices in the diagnosis (e.g. PACS – picture archiving and communication systems) and treatment [more on health care]

Gender Studies

Women’s presence in different design fields (IT design, multimedia production, interaction design, architecture, installation art …), with the aim of e.g. identifying what attracts women into these fields, how they position [more on gender studies]


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