September 22-23, 2011
Vienna University of Technology, Austria

Prof. Ina Wagner will retire end of September 2011 and on this occasion the Institute of Design and Assessment of Technology at the Vienna University of Technology is organizing an international symposium inviting her colleagues and friends from all over the world to celebrate with us.

Ina Wagner

The date for this event is September 22 and 23, 2011. The symposium will take place in a beautiful meeting room - the Boeckel Saal - at Vienna University of Technology.

The theme of the symposium is "From Understanding the Present to Envisioning the Future". This will be a multi-disciplinary event as is much of Ina's work, uniting scholars from CSCW, PD, the sociology of work, discourse analysis, cultural studies, and architecture.

We are also organizing a social event for the evening of the September 22.

We plan to publish the contributions to this symposium in form of a special issue in a scientific journal.