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Future Education and Training in Computing: How to support learning at anytime anywhere


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“European Evaluation Framework in computing Education and Training 2020 (EEFCET 2020) aligns with EQF (European Qualification Framework), and will evaluate the three factors: Knowledge, Skills and Competences gained from the computing Education and Training. It will propose ways to evaluate the quality of digital curricula, syllabi, and will assess social networks as a medium for education.” (FETCH Proposal)

“EEFCET 2020 will consider an evaluation of curricula and syllabi of bachelors, masters, and doctors in computing, and their implementation in European higher education institutions. EEFCET 2020 will appraise three factors: Knowledge, Skills and Competences gained from computing Education and Training.” (FETCH Proposal)

The complete book: Tellioglu, H. and Harakchiyska, T. (eds.) (2016) European Evaluation Framework for Computing Education and Training 2020 (EEFCET 2020), Report on Work Package 4, Deliverable 4.4, Version 1.4, TU Verlag, Vienna, Austria.

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Version 1.4 - 24.4.2016 - Impressum
Lifelong Learning Programme