Design Workshops
Design Thinking


Being creative and exploring design ideas in team, or exploring options for systems design


Communicate different views to the design idea in a group, generate new ideas in a team, discuss different perspectives to the design-on-table in a group, explore different options for systems design based on a decided idea at a later stage of a design process


Design in team

Example of use

Create common understanding of a (rather complex) design idea in a team, e.g., tools in product design


  1. 1.Define the goal of the workshop

  2. 2.Select the participants of the workshop and define their role

  3. 3.Set up a place, date, and process for the workshop

  4. 4.Prepare the necessary material like models, plans, creative material, etc. as well as devices for audio/video recording and photos

  5. 5.Carry out the workshop: introduction of participants and process, brainstorming related to the defined goal, working on different ideas, discussion and refinement of ideas come up during the workshop

  6. 6.Identify and document results of the workshop


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