Design Games
Design Thinking


Playful way to gain design ideas


Generate design ideas, concretize a design idea in form a party game, play different options of interaction, experiment with use and functionality of design elements


Design creation method

Example of use

Create playful elements of a design idea


  1. 1.Define the goal of a design game

  2. 2.Document the process of creation of the design game, also the dismissed ideas

  3. 3.Describe the game with all elements (props, content, rules, etc.)

  4. 4.Play several times with the design game

  5. 5.Document the games played, describe how it was perceived by the players

  6. 6.Adapt the game if necessary

  7. 7.Analyze the game, its components, the interaction, etc.

  8. 8.Document the analysis and extract issues for the design idea


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