Design Thinking

For a decade we developed and applied an iterative approach to enable design thinking among designers, students, and companies. Our user-centred approach uses several methods:

  1. The Very First Idea

  2. Literature Review

  3. Expert Interviews

  4. Videoanalysis

  5. Portfolio

  6. Cultural Probes

  7. Provocative Props

  8. Design Games

  9. Scenarios

  10. Narrative Posters

  11. Design Workshops - for idea generation

  12. Sketches

  13. Wireframes

  14. (Video-)Mockups

  15. Technology Probes

  16. Prototyping

  17. Design Workshops - for systems design

  18. Product and CI Design

Design Thinking is an attitude to design. It is an approach. It does not aim to optimize the existing systems, processes, and artefacts, rather it tries out to reach out for possibilities and for future settings.

The design process we have established in our group so far is iterative and user-centred by supporting creativity and innovation. Our team designs together with future users for future use.

A list of references help you to read into this subject.

We facilitate creativity and design supporting environments and processes.